What to Expect During a
Reiki Session

Reiki Balances And Works On Four Levels Of Existence:
A.) Physical: The Body & Manifested Pain
B.) Emotional: What Are You Feeling
C.) Mental: What You Are Allowing Yourself To Think
D.) Spiritual: Your Capacity to Love Yourself & Others

Reiki Works On Cause Rather Than The Effect of Disease
A.) Treats the disease rather than the symptoms
B.) Reiki accelerates healing, which may cause some initial discomfort: you heal at a faster pace
C.) How does this feel?
    1.) You feel very relaxed as the energy flows through your body. Some even fall asleep.              
    2.) You may experience Reiki energy as color or pure love.
    3.) You may feel peaceful or emotional as old patterns surface.

What Do I Do During A Treatment; What Should I expect?
A.) Take off your shoes, watch, and metal jewelry.
B.) You should relax and enjoy the treatment, however talking or asking questions is an individual matter.                
C.) Allow your mind to release all thoughts & fears so you can focus on the present experience.
D.) A Reiki Practitioner works with the Chakras and Aura to promote the proper balance of Ki.
There is no need for touching where it might not be appreciated.
E.) A pillow is placed under your neck or knees if you want.
F.) A tissue may be placed over your eyes so you focus inward.
G.) Enjoy soft, relaxing music.
H.) You may experience a shift in consciousness, this is an important part of healing.

What is a Healing Attunement?
A.) A Healing Reiki Attunement is given for healing purposes only. This Attunement brings high frequency
healing energies which are more powerful and effective than those given during a regular Reiki Treatment.
This can be done alone or before a Reiki Treatment.

After The Treatment?
A.) Your Aura is swept, front and back
B.) Some feel energized, others feel incredible peace
C.) You must drink eight glasses of pure water a day for a minimum of three days; this flushes toxins out of the
D.) According to the Practitioner, you may be advised to schedule another appointment to maintain wellness
E.) Ask about Absentee Healing
F.) In the case of disease, you may wish to examine your lifestyle and make positive, healthful modifications
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