The Human Chakra System
Soul Star Chakra
Earth Star Chakra
During a Reiki Attunement the
Hands become Major Chakras
Crown Charka - Doorway to Spirit
Spiritual Chakra
Third Eye Chakra - Communication with Spirit
Spiritual Chakra
Throat Chakra - Self Expression / Past Lives - Karma
Spiritual Chakra
Heart Chakra - Bridge Between Spiritual and
Physical Chakra
Solar Plexus Chakra - Relationship with the Self
Physical Chakra
Sacral Chakra - Relationship with Others
Physical Chakra
Root Chakra - Souls DNA - Programmed Beliefs
Physical Chakra
Below is a very brief description of The Human Chakra System
Chakras Defined: Chakra is a
Sanskrit word that translates
into the meaning of "wheels".
Although it is not necessary to
have this knowledge when
applying Reiki it can be useful
in treatments. Chakras,
wheels, energy centers exist
and their function is to
transform vital life force into
usable energy for the mind and
body. The
Chakra class goes
into very detailed explanations
of their function and information
on what happens when they
are not functioning at their best.
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