Psychic Readings
Mary Anne has been doing Intuitive Readings professionally since 1985. She has developed long lasting relationships with
her clients. She feels a personal approach is very gratifying and intimate.

Mary Anne receives pure enjoyment from watching her clients flourish and grow through the suggestions and healing
abilities given. Her nature is pure because she understands and respects the laws of human nature and the Universe.
Clients feel a great sense of release and positive direction after a Reading. This is why Mary Anne receives referrals;
because her genuine style and calming essence soothes seekers souls. She tends to attract those who seek guidance and
is dedicated to assisting them in any way possible.
Mary Anne is available for Readings
via Phone, Internet or in Person;
by appointment only.
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Now the cards are on your side of the table. What will you do, wonder about
what could be for you in life and take a challenge, or sit there reading this
page and thinking about what it would be like.
I AM NOT A 900 Number
PSYCHIC! Experience the difference.

One final note I’d like to share with you, think about what your life would be
like if you never took chances. Where would you be in a week, a month, a
year and so on... Take charge of your destiny and discover what Tarot can
do for you.
Good question. I can’t really explain how they
work, I just know they do. I also can’t explain how I
know who’s on the phone before I pick it up. Or
how I can be thinking of someone and they call me,
or visa versa. And mostly I can’t begin to tell you
how ESP experiences occur.
My theory is through an energy, something that can not be seen by the
naked eye. Something that goes much deeper than that. But I can tell
you that the cards do work and so does psychic ability. I believe that
there is a higher power, wisdom or universal truth that we all have the
ability to tap into and there are many methods of accessing this
information. One of these methods is through the Tarot.
The energy I speak of, this universal truth and higher power is all
connected, therefore we are all connected to each other in some way,
shape or form. I also believe that this energy of substance is God, and
that everything within it is God too. When I speak of God I mean
whatever you feel comfortable with, God, universal, or even the force,
whatever you  call it, it’s all the same. Since we are all connected and
are a part of each other with this vast energy, we are also a part of the
ocean as well; this expansive body of water that makes up most of the
earth. So here we sit, thinking we can either be a part of this grand
cycle of energy into an awareness, open our channels to messages
and receive guidance, or we can just sit back and watch the world
pass us by like tiny droplets of water that separate us from the source.
I could go on and on trying to explain how this works but we would very
simple. In fact, metaphysics is no mystery when there is an understanding
of the different dimensions. The reader interprets the cards, is receptive to
the environment and describes the meanings; however all of the cards in
the reading tells the whole story. Past, present and future events are
revealed through the Tarot. Even if you have had readings done in the
past, it may take several spiritual advisors until you find one that you are
compatible with because every reader has their own unique style. I
personally use the cards as a tool of explanation, but go far beyond the
aspects of the physical.