Professional Speaker

Mary Anne's personal style and ability to motivate others tends to reach
into the depths of the audience's true essence and helps them discover
self-realization and purpose. Both corporate and private organizations
have benefited from her unique approach and calming nature. She is
available for professional speaking events and private parties. The
material is custom tailored based on the particular needs and desired
outcome of the event.

One example:
A corporation may hire a professional speaker to motivate their staff to
improve work performance. Their belief is a happy employee will better
produce and be more productive if they are centered and balanced.

In addition, de-stressing is essential for anyone who faces challenging
experiences (who doesn't right?). De-stressing helps to clear the mind
and direct energy in a much more positive direction. Therefore there can
only be one outcome; achievement! The objective is to attain both
personal and professional goals.  
Mary Anne is available for private consultations as well.
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