What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers and put into text to understand
their meanings. It is based on the belief that the name you were given
at birth and the day, month, and year you were born influence who
you are and what will happen in your lifetime.

During a reading the number values of the letters in your name and
birth date are added together in various combinations to reveal
important information about you and your life. The Numerologist then
records the calculations on a numerology chart to evaluate what your
numbers indicate.

We study numerology to become aware of ourselves and our
potential, to affirm who we are, to accept ourselves and to make
adjustments based on the information we learn.  

Your completed Numerology Chart will give you an overall
perspective of your natural abilities, the purpose of your life, your
motivations, how you appear to others, your habitual responses, any
missing skills and what your basic temperament equips you to do. In
seeking to fulfill the old adage “know thyself” you will find
numerology to be one of the most simple tools to use.
As your self -awareness increases numerology allows you to take a more objective view of
yourself; it can help you discern the overall plan or path that you have chosen. As you read the
descriptions of your numbers you will begin to open yourself to the insights that they provide.
In addition your recognition of what your chart tells you coincides with what you already know
about yourself and is an affirmation that you are part of a bigger picture and that there is
meaning to your life.

Acceptance of oneself is the very first step toward self-esteem bestowing a sense of serenity
and a feeling of being grounded. When you begin to compare your numbers with those of your
family or friends you also begin to see how different (or similar) their goals, talents, desires and
lessons are from your own. This knowledge gives you much greater ability to accept them as
they are and not just as you wish them to be.

Your completed Numerology Chart can also point to the years and months of change in your
life providing a guide to the best times to marry, move, persevere with problems or to let go and
take what comes.

The benefit of any occult teaching is to give you a sense of perspective; a sense of your
purpose or focus in this life. Metaphysical study teaches us to view the whole picture revealing
the hidden or “occult” parts. By revealing these hidden parts we can learn from our experiences
of where we have been and gain insight into where we are going.

Generally speaking when reading your Numerology Chart keep in mind that one number can be
overridden by another depending on their intensity. You will need to determine  which numbers
describe you best. Look at where you may be lacking certain abilities or areas where you may
need to develop your skills. Enhance your strong points and work on your weak ones.

Your Numerology Chart was designed to guide you throughout your entire life. Please refer
back to it periodically. Study it to help understand yourself better and last but not least always
remember that only “you” are in complete control of your true Destiny. Let your star shine,
enjoy life, until we meet on the other side!
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Numerology Chart Packages
Personal Numerology Chart Individual

This chart is your FINGER PRINT in life and will never change!
We use your full name given at birth and birthday
and calculate this information in various ways to create your chart.
Couples Chart (includes Compatibility)

This chart is calculated the same as your personal chart for both people.
This can be any type of relationship such as; life partner, parent and child, sibling etc).
Then we take both sets of numbers and reveal the strengths and weaknesses between
them. This information can improve the relationship which will allow it to grow and
prosper as well as clear karmic influences.
Personal Year Chart

This chart changes every year as the numbers change for the new year. This is an
excellent month by month guide to help achieve goals, eliminate blocks and move
forward. The information is calculated by taking the month and day you were born and
include the current year in question.
You can even get all Nine Charts for future reference.