Mind-body approaches such as hypnosis, biofeedback, imagery,
meditation and behavior modification can help people with a wide
range of dis-ease. Everyone can enjoy the benefits from relaxation,
especially when stress levels kick into high gear. The body can only
take just so much tension before it begins to complain with aches and
pains. Immediate results can be experienced on all levels: physically,
emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Clinical research continually proves the far-reaching benefits of
relaxation training in treating stress, related to medical problems. A
Duke University study concludes that, “Stress management
programs can reduce the risk of cardiac events in patients with
myocardial-ischemia by about 75%.” The American Medical
Association (AMA) has endorsed relaxation techniques as valid
treatment for back pain, headaches, arthritis, and other painful

Mary Anne is a Certified Hypnotherapist through The National Guild of Hypnotists and is recognized as
a Registered Hypnotherapist through The International Association of Medical and Therapeutic
Specialists and specializes in Regression, Stress Management and healing the soul. For more
Some people are naturals at receiving benefits from hypnosis. Hypnosis allows you to enter into a
calm, receptive state where you can focus on helpful suggestions. You can never be forced to do
anything against your will. You, not the hypnotist, are in control. Yet some people are more easily
hypnotized than others. To find out how easy it would be for you to be hypnotized, take this quiz.
Choose A, B or C.

1.        Close your eyes and imagine yourself at a movie. How clearly can you picture your favorite
(A) Extremely well  (B) Vaguely  (C) Can’t get it

2.        You’re on a diet and you’re bored. Ice cream is in the freezer. Will you
(A) Leave it there (B) Take one bite (C) Finish it

3.        You’re most comfortable in a
(A) Plane (B) Train (C) Your own car

4.        Imagine a place where you were happy. How well can you re-experience it?
(A) Well (B) So-so (C) Barely

5.        Your boss chews you out in front of co-workers. How well can you control your emotions?
(A) I’m in control and won’t lose it (B) I can hold it in for a while (C) I blow up

6.        How long does it take you to fall asleep?
(A) Ten minutes (B) Closer to a half an hour (C) At least an hour

7.        Imagine you’re in love. How vivid is your image or feeling?
(A) Very vivid (B) Somewhat vivid (C) Not clear at all

8.        You’re last off a bus and find a wallet filled with money. Assuming your intentions are
honest, you…
(A) Take it to the driver (B) Take it to the police (C) Take it and call the owner

9.        Finish this sentence. I daydream…
(A) A lot (B) From time to time (C) Barely, if ever

10.      Think about a proud moment when friends cheered you. Close your eyes and try to re-
experience it. It was…
(A) Easy to re-experience (B) You finally got it (C) Difficult or impossible
Scoring… Give yourself 10 points for each A answer, 5 for each B, and 0 for each C.

55–100: You have a great imagination; you trust and let go. You’re a natural for hypnosis
and for reaping its benefits.
24-45: If you can get past your analytical approach and focus longer on the imagery,
hypnosis will become easier for you.
0-24: You are very analytical and fear giving up control. It would take longer than
average to hypnotize you.
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  •        Creates Healthy Habits
  •        Accelerates Learning
  •        Creates Better Study     Habits
  •        Enhances Creativity
  •        Weight Management
  •        Quit Smoking
  •        Insomnia
  •        Nail Biting
  •        Pain Management
  •        Regression
  •        Self-confidence
  •        Relaxation
  •        Guided Imagery
  •        Rids Fears
  •        Health Issues
  •        Bed Wetting
  •        Motivation
  •        Self-Healing; Mind/Body/Spirit
  •        Sexual Enhancement
  •        Test Anxiety
  •        Public Speaking
  •        Stuttering
  •        Co-dependency Issues

  •        Drug/Alcohol Use
  •        Tension Headaches
  •        Allergies
  •       Enhances Concentration
  •        Stress Reduction
  •        Enhances Intuition
  •        Improves Memory
  •        High Blood Pressure
  •        Medical/Dental Procedures
  •        Visualization
  •        Indecisiveness
  •       Self-esteem and much more...