Harp Vibration Therapy
Music communicates, motivates, soothes, calms, enlivens, alleviates pain and
anxiety, and lifts the spirit. Music is a holistic medium basic to our existence;
our bodies are made of rhythmic systems. Music nurtures us with beauty; it
feeds the soul. Music is called the Universal Language.

"When words fail, music
Hans Christian Anderson
Therapy Harps are designed to calm the nervous system and transform consciousness. They are
specially tuned to balance the energy system and promote relaxation which allows the body to release
discomfort. The soothing vibration and music flows through the body and conditions the mind into a
peaceful state allowing it to release fear and anxiety. In fact much research has been done by Dr.
Ronald Price and others that conclude these Harps create freedom from pain and relief from
depression as well as many other benefits. Dr. Price adds, "the power of the Harps promote healing".
Studies have shown that these specially tuned Zither Harps lower brain frequencies, which encourage
deep alpha states and beyond. These deeply relaxed states create profound healing on the mental,
emotional, physical and spiritual levels of the body.

I personally use these Harps on both clients and patients for specific purposes. They can be played on
the body during a Hypnosis session or Reiki treatment depending on how I am guided through the
angels. They can also be played to manifest or give gratitude for what has been received. I often play
them on myself to promote focus and ease the mind. Bio-feedback proves these Harps lower brain
activity which aids in relaxation and healing. Clients report healing of cysts, kidney stones and general
well being. Hospice patients seem to be free from discomfort and have a more peaceful transition.
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