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This page was designed to answer questions that have been directed to me
through the years. Any questions that are sent to me will be considered for
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Do all healers use Reiki?
There are many forms of healing energy. Any energy modality works with Ki, but not all use Reiki.  Reiki can only be channeled
through someone who has had an Attunement from a Master Teacher. Although many healers have an innate ability to work in
energy fields, most people need to receive a Reiki Attunement in order to use it. In addition, the intimate relationship built
between a Master and student is non comparative to studying out of a book and practicing. The benefits from learning hands
on (no pun) are far greater and the energy itself increases through the process.

What is an Attunement?
Reiki is not taught the way other healing modalities are. The ability to channel Reiki is transferred from Master to student
during the Attunement process. It has several elements to it; first when Reiki is being channeled the energy transferred along
with intention lower brain frequencies to an alpha state or lower which in turn "turns off" the ego or conscious mind. This
means the Master gets out of his or her own way and allows Reiki to flow freely along with other factors so the Attunement is
more powerful. Although Reiki has it's own intelligence and does not need concentration, when intention is applied especially
during an Attunement it makes the experience much more powerful for both the Master and student. Secondly, the Attunement
is not only a very spiritual experience, it actually has an anatomy to it - which is explained in the Master Teacher class. Thirdly,
the Attunement opens the channels of the student and allows free energy flow through the entire Chakra system. Once one
receives a Reiki Attunement and has the ability to channel the energy themselves they will continue for the rest of their life. After
the Attunement all that is needed is for the Practitioner to think of Reiki and its intention to flow.

What is the cleansing process?
The Reiki Attunement as well as receiving a healing can start the healing process for the recipient. The healing takes place on
the physical, emotional, spiritual and emotional levels. Toxins stored in the body for years or even lifetimes begin to release as
the energy channel opens. Some healings are more subtle than others. The beauty of Reiki is that it heals at the level the
recipient can handle it. Reiki is gentle and can cause no harm. Whenever change in the energy field takes place an
adjustment period is usually needed. This period of transition is different for everyone and some don't even notice it.
Nevertheless, the cleansing process is all a part of growth and in order to move forward in life it is essential it takes place.

Can Reiki cause harm?
Because Reiki is a Universal or God Conscious energy source it can never do any harm. But remember that Reiki does heal
and in a case of a broken bone, for example, a Practitioner wants to make sure it is set before applying Reiki.  In addition, the
Reiki Practitioner is protected from attracting toxins from others while giving Reiki because these energies cannot co-exist with
love. Reiki is pure love!

Can Reiki deplete my own energy supply?
NO! Because it is a channeled healing the Practitioner is not using their own energy supply. In fact the Practitioner usually
feels very relaxed and energized afterward. The beauty of Reiki is both the Practitioner and recipient. Furthermore the energy
because it needs to flow through the Practitioner before it can transcend into the client. Furthermore, because the Practitioner
is also working on their own healing while giving it to others. What a gift!

Can anyone learn Reiki?
Yes. The ability to learn Reiki is not dependent on intelligence or concentration. The knowledge is passed on from Master to
student and does not take years to learn. The only ingredient is to practice, practice, practice because the more one uses it the
more powerful it becomes. And because the energy is intelligent and the ego steps aside there is not need for worry about
picking up others negativity or toxins. Reiki is pure and requires not holistic or intuitive prerequisites, only the means to heal
and be healed.

Can Reiki be given to the self?
Absolutely! Not only is Reiki passed through the Practitioner when giving Reiki it can also be applied to the self simply by
placing the hands on the self. This is taught in Reiki class.

How does Reiki heal?
Everything alive has Ki. Ki flows within the physical body through pathways called Chakras, meridians and nadis. It also flows
around the outside of the body called the aura. When the Ki is balanced and free flowing through out the body it physical is in
health. When these channels are out of sinc or carrying toxins it creates dis-ease in the body. Each Chakra is associated with
organs, tissues, muscles and cells etc. . . When the Chakras are off kilter they begin to deplete the nutrition to the organs etc.
causing them to break down and not function properly. If someone is experiencing health issues whether physical, emotional,
mental or spiritual life doesn't seem to flow either. The health issues talk to the healer and tells them where the imperfections
are. In addition, just by scanning the energy field and finding these energy imperfections a Reiki Practitioner can usually tell
the individual what issues in their life are causing this imbalance. Hence, our outside world is only a reflection of the inner
core. The knowledge of the Chakra system is not necessary in order for Reiki to work but it is certainly nice to know. This was
my inspiration for developing the Chakra class and the information has helped my healing sessions as well as my own
healing path immensely.

What can be treated with Reiki?
Anything! Past, present or future. People, place or thing. Living or not. Reiki is both powerful and gentle simultaneously. It has
aided in healing every known illness or injury known. Cancer, ulcers, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, colds, impotence, low self
confidence... the list is endless. In fact the only limitation is the one placed upon the self. Reiki works well with any other
healing modality holistic and medically, including hospice patients and unborn children. In fact, Reiki helps to hasten the
healing process and works in conjunction with medications, pre-op and post-op patients etc... If a client is taking medication
for example they would want to tell their doctor they are receiving treatments because the drugs may need to me adjusted or
eliminated all together. Reiki can also assist in psychotherapy sessions, hypnosis sessions, massage therapy to name a few.

Is Reiki a Religion?
Although Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. It has no dogma and there is nothing one must believe in order to learn
or use Reiki. In fact, Reiki itself does not even have to be believed in, in order for it to work. Because Reiki is of a God
Consciousness, it enables many people to go beyond intellectual thoughts and help them experience a deeper religious
belief. Keeping in mind that religion and spirituality are two separate things. You can have one with out the other but to have
both is a much more enriched feeling.
Tarot and Intuitive Readings Q & A

Good question. I can’t really explain how they work, I just know they do. I also can’t
explain how I know who’s on the phone before I pick it up. Or how I can be thinking of
someone and they call me, or visa versa. And mostly I can’t begin to tell you how ESP
experiences occur.

My theory is through an energy, something that can not be seen by the naked eye.
Something that goes much deeper than that. But I can tell you that the cards do
work and so does psychic ability. I believe that there is a higher power, wisdom or
universal truth that we all have the ability to tap into and there are many methods
of accessing this information. One of these methods is through the Tarot.
The energy I speak of, this universal truth and higher power is all connected, therefore we are all connected to each other
in some way, shape or form. I also believe that this energy of substance is God, and that everything within it is God too.
When I speak of God I mean whatever you feel comfortable with, God, universal, or even the force, whatever you call it, it’s
all the same. Since we are all connected and are a part of each other with this vast energy, we are also a part of the
ocean as well; this expansive body of water that makes up most of the earth. So here we sit, thinking we can either be a
part of this grand cycle of energy into an awareness, open our channels to messages and receive guidance, or we can
just sit back and watch the world pass us by like tiny droplets of water that separate us from the source.

I could go on and on trying to explain how this works but we would be here all day. So think of it this way, the mystery of
Tarot is really very simple. In fact, metaphysics is no mystery when there is an understanding of the different dimensions.
The reader interprets the cards, is receptive to the environment and describes the meanings; however all of the cards in
the reading tells the whole story. Past, present and future events are revealed through the Tarot. Even if you have had
readings done in the past, it may take several spiritual advisors until you find one that you are compatible with because
every reader has their own unique style.

One final note I’d like to share with you, think about what your life would be like if you never took chances. Where would
you be in a week, a month, a year and so on... Take charge of your destiny and discover what Tarot can do for you.
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Hypnosis Q & A

Hypnosis is a normal, natural state of mind. We are in this trance-state a number of times every day. It is an altered state of
awareness where the subconscious mind responds immediately to positive suggestion.

Yes, as long as they want to be. A willing strong-minded person makes the best volunteer.

There is a profound relaxation and contentment, you are not asleep or unconscious. Similar to sunbathing, you can be aware
of your surroundings but be immune to noises that would otherwise annoy you.

Absolutely not. As it is simply focused relaxation and from this state naturally, people either nod off to sleep, or wake up

No! A person will never do anything against their moral ethics while in hypnosis. Recipients are treated with respect.

No. Hypnosis is perfectly safe when practiced by a professional practitioner. Mary Anne is a trained practitioner in Hypnosis
and has trained through The National Guild of Hypnotists.
Ear Candling Q & A
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