Class Information
Reiki 1st and 2nd
Degree Manual
Reiki Master
Teacher Manual
Certified Reiki 1st & 2nd
Private $350.00
Reiki is. Lineage. Understanding what
a Reiki Practitioner is. Disclaimers.
How Reiki heals. Discussion on the 5
Reiki principals. How to apply Reiki
into your daily life. Seeing auras,
dowsing, scanning, beaming and
Understanding energy and dis-ease.
The cleansing process. Brief
description of the Charka system.
Working with crystals and aroma
therapy. Hand positions. How to create
a healing space. Distance healing.
Usui symbols and their use. 1st and
2nd Degree Attunements.  Certificate
as a Reiki 1st and 2nd degree
Practitioner suitable for framing. Text
manual included.
Certified Advanced
Reiki Training (ART)
Private $275.00
Meditation. Usui symbols and
their use. ART Attunement
working at a higher vibration of
healing. Deep aura clearing /
Psychic surgery.
Understanding Reiki at a
deeper level. Understanding
the alpha state. Certificate as
a Advanced Reiki Practitioner
suitable for framing. Text
Certified ART & Reiki
Combination class of ART
and Master Teacher.
Meditation at a deeper level.
Master symbols and their
use. Reiki Master Teacher
anatomy (including the
healing Attunement) and
practice, practice, practice.
Understanding Reiki at the
deepest level. Test.
Certificate as a Reiki Master
Teacher suitable for framing.
All text and information
included so you can begin
teaching immediately.
Certified Therapeutic Touch - Private $250.00 / Group (5 or more) $200.00
Understanding  Therapeutic Touch. Energy tracts. Meditation. All Therapeutic Touch techniques demonstrated.
Grounding. Assessment. Unruffling. Directing energy. Creating a healing space. Chakra balancing. Magnetic
fields. And much more... Certificate as a Certified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner suitable for framing. Text included.
Certified Chakra Specialist - Private $195.00 / Group (5 or more) $150.00
Understanding healing. Healing thyself. Measuring energy fields -  dowsing, pendulum, scanning,
kinesiology. Visualization. Chakras defined. Certificate of Completion suitable for framing. Manual included.
History of Dowsing. Understanding the fundamentals of Dowsing. Brain activity. How Dowsing works.
Mind, body and spirit connection. Personal preparation. Dowsing ethics. Benefits of Dowsing. Dowsing
tools. Mind machines. Programing a pendulum. Dowsing charts. Programing Dowsing rods.
Formulating questions. Chakra balancing. Dowsing material objects. Dowsing from a distance.
Certificate of Completion suitable for framing. Manual included.
All classes are 1 day intensives (unless otherwise noted)  with lifelong
class reviews and support. Group rates are available upon request. Reiki
classes are limited to 3-8 students only due to the Attunement process.
50% deposit required at time of registration.
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